2019 Maryland Math and Science Institute (MMSI)

MMSI 2019-1.jpg

Terrapin Teachers co-hosted the 2019 Maryland Mathematics and Science Institute (MMSI) from June 24-27, 2019. The institute was in collaboration with faculty from the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences (CMNS).  Teachers from local schools in Prince George’s County and Montgomery County participated in lectures and discussions with UMD faculty. The morning sessions focused on cutting-edge research. The afternoon sessions were facilitated by TT Master Teachers.  Activities concentrated on pedagogical strategies that could be implemented in their classrooms.

Terrapin Teachers would like to give a very special thank you to all of the CMNS faculty who presented during the four-day workshop.  Listed below are the names of each speaker.

Dr. Wiseley Wong, Department of Mathematics, “Walks, Colors, and Pigeons: An Introduction to Graph Theory”

Dr. Larry Washington, Department of Mathematics, “How to Share Secrets: An Introduction to Cryptography”

Dr. Frances Gulick, Department of Mathematics, “Geometry on the Sphere”

Dr. Denny Gulick, Department of Mathematics, “A Little Chaos Goes a Long Way!”

Dr. Wolfgang Losert, Department of Physics, “Cell Dynamics”

Dr. Gerald Wilkinson, Department of Biology, “10 Amazing Facts About Bats”

Dr. Cerruti Hooks, Department of Entomology, : Deploying Strategies and Tactics Used in a Sporting Event to Manage Insect Pests”

Dr. Arthur N. Popper, Department of Biology  “Wind Farms, Oil Exploration, Shipping, and Fishes”

Dr. Vincent Lee, Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics, “Signaling Nucleotides and Its Intersection with RNA Degradation”

Dr. Kan Cao, Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics, “The Science Behind Skin Aging”

Dr. Tim Canty, Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science,  "Weather and Climate: Science or Hoax"

Dr. Ross Salawitch, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Relating Greenhouse Gas Emission to Global Warming”

Dr. Michael Raupp, Department of Entomology, “What a Warming World Means to Plants, Insects, and Their Natural Enemies”