You can make a difference. How can your generous donation make a difference?

Support our graduates:  We are proud of our first graduating class, 80% of whom are teaching math and science in Maryland high schools! You can support professional development opportunities for our graduates in the form of tuition assistance to pursue a Master's degree or travel funds to attend national conferences.

Endow a Master Teacher:  TT courses are taught by highly- skilled instructors with secondary STEM classroom experience, called  “Master Teachers.” Master Teachers employ and teach innovative teaching methods and emphasize research-based pedagogical strategies that foster both teaching and learning. Your support can contribute to salary support for a Master Teacher position.

Support a Shared Master Teacher:  TT has implemented an innovative model of a Shared Master Teacher, in which teachers in the Montgomery County Public Schools System split their time between teaching at their public school and teaching TT courses at the University of Maryland. This model is beneficial for students and teachers at the local high schools as well as for TT's aspiring teachers at the University of Maryland. Your support can contribute to travel for professional development opportunities.

Support the Part-Time Paid Internship Initiative:  Interns in the Master's Certification program (MCERT) complete their internship as long-term substitutes for science and mathematics classes in local high schools.  Interns receive real-world teaching experience, mentored by the Shared Master Teachers. Your contribution can provide financial support to students who are not able or encouraged to work due to the rigorous curriculum.

Support TT's Community Outreach Efforts: In partnership with the Department of Mathematics, TT hosts a week-long professional development workshop for local math and science high school teachers called the Maryland Mathematics and Science Institute (MMSI). Teachers learn about cutting-edge research at the University of Maryland that can enrich their classrooms, and design learning resources based on innovative pedagogical strategies. For the past three years, 150 local high school teachers representing more than forty Maryland public schools have participated in MMSI, earning them 300 credits for continuing professional development. Your donation can help TT to host the MMSI annually.


Megan Carnell,, Assistant Dean for Development, College of Computer, Mathematical, & Natural Sciences

Kurt Sudbrink,, Assistant Dean for Development, College of Education

Special thanks to Guy Wiebking (’69 Transportation, ’73 M.B.A.) and Sharon Stebbins Wiebking (’69 English, ’73 M.Ed.). Their generosity supports Dr. Anita Sanyal, Master Teacher.