Joelle C. Presson, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Academic Programs, College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Dr. Presson holds a Ph.D. in neurobiology and has been a researcher, advisor, instructor, and administrator at UMD since 1987.  As the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Programs in CMNS, Dr. Presson has a diverse set of duties and campus involvements. These include the post-bac Science in the Evening Program, work on learning outcomes assessments for campus and for the biological sciences program, work in curriculum development and integration across disciplines, teaching an I-series course, and advising.

Dr. Presson has been liaison from the sciences to the College of Education for over 20 years and was a part of the initial work team which designed and secured funding for the Terrapin Teachers program.  Dr.  Presson continues to serve on the Terrapin Teachers Steering Committee, and contributes particularly to advising, curriculum, and student research issues.