Anita Sanyal, Ph.D. 

Master Teacher, Science


Dr. Sanyal received her B.S. in Biology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; M.Ed. in Science Education from UM; and Ph.D. in International Education Policy from UM. She is a former public school science teacher, so she has taught biology, earth science, and algebra at the secondary level. She has served in multiple capacities in supporting in-service and pre-service teachers by helping teachers develop curriculum and instructional modifications. She has led courses in science education at the elementary and secondary levels, and she has experience teaching courses in equity and diversity. Her experience at the higher education level includes teaching a course in Chile called Teaching Science Through Inquiry. Her diversity of experiences brings a broad view of the teaching experience that will be invaluable in supporting college students in considering teaching as a career. 

As a Master Teacher, Dr. Sanyal is responsible for collaborating with principals and teachers at our partner schools in preparation for TLPL 102.  Dr. Sanyal also plays an integral part in all research efforts for Terrapin Teachers.