Teachers for STEM

Activities include community service projects, participating in Maryland Day, and school supply drives.

Contact information:  TerrapinTeachers@umd.edu



The 2017-2018 Executive Board

Tara Tanasovich, President

Major: Mathematics

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Kensington, MD

I joined Terrapin Teachers because I thought TLPL 101, Step 1, would be a great opportunity to get a feel for teaching right from the start.  I stayed in the program because I think it has some of the best professors and most intriguing course curriculums this university has to offer.  My goal is to become a high school math teacher that inspires her students to look beyond questioning, "When am I going to use this in real life?"

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Robert martin, Vice President

Major: Math Education and Chemistry

Classification: Senior

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

I joined Terrapin Teachers because ever since I was young, I’ve wanted to be a math teacher. When I came to UMD and saw what the Terrapin Teachers program was like, I knew that the program would be the best way for me to accomplish my goal of being a high school math teacher.


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Jennifer hill, co-director of Marketing

Major: Mathematics


Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

I joined Terrapin Teachers because I wanted to be involved and meet new people.  My goal is to become a high school math teacher.  It has been my goal to become a teacher since the first grade, so I am really excited for what the future holds! 

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Daniel prettyman, Co-director of Marketing

Major: Biology

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Laurel, MD

I joined Terrapin Teachers because I thought that the program would afford me the best opportunity to achieve my goal of being a teacher.  My goal is to become a high school biology teacher or possibly a college biology professor.  I want to use my platform as a teacher to help my students become intelligent and confident men and women.  Aside from teaching, I would also love to keep up with my personal training career.  

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Hana Yi, Secretary

Major: Middle School Math and Science: minor in Teaching English as a Second Language

Classification: Senior

Hometown: Burtonsville, MD

I joined Terrapin Teachers because I've always been interested in working with students, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to teach.  Through the Terrapin Teachers courses, I've learned and experienced the behind the scenes of lesson planning and conducting the lesson.

My goal is to become a teacher who has a positive influence on the lives of my future students.  I realized that the most memorable teachers were the ones that not only knew what they were teaching, but also cared for me.  A quote by John C. Maxwell summarizes my thoughts the best, "Student's don't care how much you know. Until they know how much you care."


Major: Physics

Classification: Senior

Hometown: Mullica Hill, NJ

I joined Terrapin Teachers because I knew I wanted to pursue a career in teaching.  I saw the program as an extraordinary chance to get experience in the classroom as early as possible.  My goal is to become a high school physics teacher that inspires students to become interested in science in higher education and potentially as a career.