job Opportunities

 For more information, please contact our program management specialist, Jahaira Dixon, at 301-405-0645 or Internship opportunities in the Federal Government for undergraduate students. Internship opportunities in the Federal Government for graduate students. 

Intern For A Day - Connects undergraduate students with alumni, parents, employers and community partners for one-day internship/shadowing experiences. Already this spring, we have matched 400 students with shadowing experiences! The initial round of applications have been submitted, and we still have a number of amazing opportunities remaining.

Breakthrough Collaborative 's summer teaching fellowship is one of the only programs in the US that allows college students to run a classroom.Receive 2 weeks of intensive training on how to construct lesson plans, manage a classroom, and how to establish the classroom culture of Breakthrough. Run their own classroom of around 20 students, in either Math, Science, Writing, or Literature. Receive professional development during their fellowship from a full time teacher who helps you improve your teaching as time goes on. 


NOYCE Scholars Program 

Banneker-Key Scholarship – For all first time incoming freshman applicants.

Ripin Scholarship – Reserved for Terrapin Teachers Students

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