Here's just a few examples of inquiry-based projects our undergraduates have done in local public school classrooms.


Larrysa McAllister, senior, chemical engineering major, assisted students with the "Powder particulars" lesson.

Hyattsville elementary school

Students in Ms. Stanton’s fourth grade class investigated two indicators of chemical change: production of gas and change in color.


Cory Reyes, senior, biochemistry major, discussed the water cycle with students while they designed condensation chambers.

A student in Ms. Jones’s fourth grade class at  investigated chemical weathering of rock samples.


cool spring elementary school

Chase Frederick, freshman, chemistry major, assisted students with decimal notation for fractions with denominators 10 and 100.

Maddie Kutzera, biology major, freshman, tested the distance traveled for a "car" made by students using lifesavers, straws, and index cards. The lesson was an engineering challenge to design a wind-powered car.