Undergraduate Pathway

The Terrapin Teachers (TT) program is rolling out new courses every semester, with our final course rolling out in spring 2018.  If you are a freshman or sophomore, you would be able to complete all of your coursework through TT.  If you are a junior, your program of study could be a “hybrid,” including some TT coursework and some coursework from the existing secondary education program, or you might consider one of our master’s certification programs.  If you are a senior, we encourage you to pursue the Master's Certification (MCERT) or the Integrated Master’s Certification Program (IMCP).  Juniors and seniors-- please speak to a master teacher who can refer you to a College of Education advisor or a contact for the master’s certification programs. 


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You can get an introduction to teaching by enrolling in the first two introductory courses, TLPL 101 and TLPL 102.  TLPL 101 + 102 satisfies the Scholarship & Practice general education requirement.


TLPL 101: Inquiry Teaching of STEM in Elementary Schools

TLPL 101: Inquiry Teaching of STEM in Elementary Schools, 1 credit

This course encourages students to think deeply about what it means to learn and teach math and science in an elementary school classroom.  The main goals are to begin to understand the teaching profession, the complexity of the classroom, and start to develop teaching practices that are responsive to student ideas. You will be matched with a partner from your class, and a teacher in a local elementary school.  Over the course of the semester, you and your partner will visit this teacher’s classroom to conduct two observations and teach two inquiry-based lessons.  Your class schedule must allow for a 3-hour window of time, preferably twice weekly, during the local elementary school hours (7:45am-3:15pm) to complete the four fieldwork assignments.  All schools are close to campus and accessible via public transportation. Terrapin Teachers will pay for the fingerprinting that is required prior to visiting the school. If you earn a “B” grade or better in TLPL 101, you will receive a $150 scholarship.

Register for TLPL 101   No permission code or application needed

Sections offered : Monday, 3:00 pm - 4:20 pm Thursday, 2:00 pm - 3:20 pm


TLPL 488M: Special Topics in Education; Knowing and Learning

Prerequisite: permission of department.

TLPL 488M: Special Topics in Education; Knowing and Learning, 3 credits

Sections offered:  Wednesday, 4:00 pm - 6:50 pm


TLPL 488W: Special Topics in Education; Perspectives in Science

TLPL 488W: Special Topics in Education; Perspective in Science, 3 credits

Sections offered:  spring only course, Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm


EDHD 426: Cognitive and Motivational Literacy Content

Restriction: Must be a Secondary Education major.

EDHD 426: Cognitive and Motivational Literacy Content, 3 credits

Students preparing for secondary teaching will learn about the cognitive and motivational aspects of literacy and learning from text for the content areas of literature, science, history and mathematics. Different evidenced-based literacy approaches appropriate for content learning are presented. Characteristics of learning environments that enable students to engage productively with diverse texts, disciplinary tasks, and technological resources in content areas are identified.

Sections offered:  Wednesday 5:30 pm - 8:15pm


TLPL 403 (math) or TLPL 425 (science)


TLPL 102: Inquiry Teaching of STEM in Middle School

TLPL 102: Inquiry Teaching of STEM in Middle School, 2 credits

If you are interested in continuing to explore the teaching profession, consider taking TLPL 102.  This course extends ideas from TLPL101. Course assignments and fieldwork experiences challenge students to engage deeply with a math or science topic in a cycle authentic to the teaching profession.  Assignments include interviewing a student, teaching a lesson, analyzing student work, and conducting a follow-up discussion.

This course also offers a $150 scholarship to students who earn a “B” or better.

Sections offered:  Wednesday or Thursday, 4:00 pm - 5:50 pm


TLPL 488P: special Topics in Education: Project Based Instruction

Pre- or Co-requisite: EDCI 488M. Please contact Anisha Campbell, amcamp10@umd.edu, for registration permission and additional course information.

TLPL 488P: Special Topics in Education; Project Based Instruction (PBI), 3 credits

Additional Information: Field experience for this course will require students to be available for a 2-4 hour block of time at various points throughout the semester to complete observations and teach lessons between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Fourth course in the Terrapin Teachers teacher preparation sequence. This course builds upon the inquiry-based practices developed in prior courses, with a focus on using project-based instruction for teaching math and science. Students will work closely with College of Education faculty and Master Teachers to develop and implement a multi-day series of lessons in a local high school class. This mini-unit includes a field study experience for the high school students.

Sections offered:  fall only course, Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30 pm  4:50 pm


BSCI 348T: Special Topics in CBMG; Research Methods for Terrapin Teachers

Sponsoring Dept.: CBMG

BSCI 348T: Special Topics in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; Research Methods for Terrapin Teachers, 1 credit

Research Methods simultaneously provides students specific techniques needed to address scientific questions and examples of how to provide this sort of training for students through individualized instruction.

Sections offered:  spring only course, TBD